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Proven AI Solutions for Defense, Security and Intelligence markets.

Arcarithm is a leader in Artificial Intelligence-based solutions for defense and commercial markets. From advanced AI solutions for military and security applications to proven Command and Control expertise, we serve both end-use customers and development partners. Call us at 256-763-8781 to schedule a demo or learn about our unique ability to solve problems faster at lower risk.

We don’t have to tell the Arcarithm’s team what to do, they tell us what will work. We expected to find 9 critical issues over the life of the project, the Arcarithm’s team found 27 in the first two weeks.

– J. C., US Army

Your solution is more advanced than anything we have seen.

– A. Y., Senior Software Analyst PD CRAM, PEO Missiles and Space

Arcarithm’s Ominis product provides strong features that benefit event pre-execution/planning, integration, execution, and post-run analysis.

– Lockheed Martin MASC-F Team

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Arcarithm is in the business of developing innovative solutions to solve the hardest problems. Please get in touch to learn how we can add value to your mission.

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Jul 11, 2022 | Business Alabama

Arcarithm® spin-off Exigent® to expand gun and drone detection for commercial applications

Exigent will focus on commercial applications of the company’s AI-based detection products for guns, drones and other threats.

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Gun Detection Image Jan 24, 2020 | WHNT News 19

Local company developing technology to help future Army soldiers

Huntsville based technology company Arcarithm will soon demonstrate how their products could help assist U.S. Army soldiers in battle.

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Jan 22, 2020 |

Huntsville firm to demonstrate system for U.S. Army

Huntsville-based Arcarithm has developed an artificial intelligence-based system with both military and commercial applications which can track potential threats from weapons or drones.

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