Impression™ is an integrated Command and Control (C2) planning and training framework focusing on modular decoupled agent-oriented design utilizing a distributed communication system permitting flexible information formats, information separation, and dynamic transportation.

Impression's software architecture provides sufficient abstraction to permit flexible reuse of agents between various applications and a communication platform capable of accommodating such flexible agent and information design.

Impression’s architecture implements a, Modular Defense Planner (MDP) as a group of agents implementing representative C2 planner and trainer capabilities. The trainer leverages as many of the C2 planner capabilities as possible, reducing the number of required agents. The agents communicate with each other using two separate but complementary software tools: BigIO and Redis. BigIO, an Archarithms developed big data messaging middleware, is used to share transient information such as tracks or resource location between agents. Redis is used to share persistent, generally large information (e.g. a complete training scenario) between the agents. Impression's architecture and design are easily expanded to include capabilities provided by any set of adept agents. Further, the communication tools utilized are information format agnostic and can be readily adapted to multiple domains.

Current Protocols For Planners and Trainers Fall Short.

Current planner and trainer applications are kept separate, although their functions are similar. Due to all data aspects being interwoven, minor updates are inconvenient, expensive and time consuming. An open, modular framework planner is needed to effectively insert new services and train soldiers, improving overall combat effectiveness.

Impression, Arcarithm’s rapidly integrating planner and trainer framework offers a solution.

  • Allows dynamic instantiation of system components
  • Provides simple low-bandwidth methods of data sharing between processes.
  • Simplifies the evolution of missile defense product development life cycles while not restricting future enhancements.
  • Provides a training path for planning and separates training data from real-time access.
  • Allows new plug-ins for blue force laydowns and red force threats.

Impression Provides A Reliable, Integrated System


Makes the program easier to understand, develop, and test creating create greater flexibility that can be added/upgraded with minimal re-design, saving significant time and expense.


Services are run independently of one another, making monitoring and scaling independent simple


Users assume a specific role and use only the software applicable to that role reducing the cognitive load on the operator and requiring less training time and training costs


Built in security protects users and data from both inadvertent and malicious intrusions minimizing time and cost required to clean up security incidents.

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