Arcarithm offers unique expertise in developing optimization and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Our algorithm development process leverages decades of experience with multiple complex systems at all levels. Our solutions are proven, fielded and working optimally.

  • Battle Management
  • Sensor Management
  • Fire Control
  • Planner – Course of Action Recommender/AoA
  • Human/Machine Interface – 2D and 3D (Augmented/Virtual Reality)
  • Big Data Analytics and Management Frameworks
  • Energy Management
What our customers are saying

“Arcarithm’s Ominis product provides strong features that benefit event pre-execution/planning, integration, execution, and post-run analysis”

– Lockheed Martin MASC-F Team

“Arcarithm has been by far our easiest integration effort. They have remained flexible and capable of all requirements and changes given to them.”

– T. N., US Army Contractor Technical Lead

“You guys understand the problem better than anyone we have seen”

– M.S., US Navy

Command & Control Solutions

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Course of Action Analysis Tool

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Course of Action Analysis Tool

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AI Agent Integration

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AI Agent Integration

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Radar Resource Manager

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Real-Time Situational Awareness

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