Advanced AI Ruggedized Computer for Mobile and Stationary Operations.

When you need high-performing computing in harsh environments, Arcarithm’s AI edge computing solution, GoDeep™-RG, delivers unparalleled performance. Engineered for sustained 24/7 performance, GoDeep-RG excels in harsh environments and offers unparalleled edge computing capabilities. In its fielded condition, GoDeep-RG seamlessly interfaces with an EOIR sensor, processing live video feeds. It autonomously detects and identifies targets of interest, efficiently transmitting critical information to the command and control system, enabling prompt operator action. In a unique application, the system has been successfully deployed, autonomously identifying and detecting aircraft. Explore the specifications below to discover the innovative features that make GoDeep-RG the ultimate choice for high-performance computing in dynamic and stationary harsh scenarios alike.

Thermal Management

Thermal management is accomplished through a combination of conduction and forced convection. Conduction to the chassis fins occurs by use of heat spreaders and heat pipe assemblies attached to all significant sources of heat generating components. Five externally mounted 40mm fans remove the heat by pulling air through the fins and exhausting the air.


Motherboard Supermicro X12SPM-LN6TF
CPU Intel Xeon Gold 5317 Processor, 18M Cache, 3.00 GHz
Memory (4) 16GB DDR4-3200 ECC RDIMM MEMORY
TPM (1) Trusted Platform Module 2.0
Capture Card (1) Magewell 11530, Dual 3G-SDI M.2
PCIe Expansion (1) PCIe x8, (1) PCIe x16
Video Output (4) Display Port, (1) VGA
Video Input (2) BNC Port
Ethernet (2) 10GbE LAN, (4) 1 GbE LAN, (1) IPMI LAN
USB 2.0 (4) USB 2.0
USB 3.0 (4) USB 3.0
Serial I/O (1) RS232
Storage (1) 1TB 2.5” SATA SSD, (1) 512GB 2.5” SATA SSD
Operating System Supports - Windows 10 64-bit, Linux 64-bit
Controls & Indicators Power Button with Built-In Green LED
Input Power Single Wide Input Range +20V to +33V DC (28VDC Nominal)
Power Consumption 750W Max
Temperature Operating Range: -40C to +55C
Storage Range: -40C to +85C
Environmental Standards Designed to Meet Certain Specifications of the Following: MIL-STD-810H Shock and Vibration, Sand and Dust/Rain, Humidity, Altitude
MIL-STD-1275E/704F Power

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